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Reiki is an ancient therapy that was developed in the eastern world. The method of recieving a Reiki treatment is a very safe and simple process. The recipient simply lies down on the treatment table and relaxes. There is no need for the recipient to remove any clothing as Reiki can flow through.

The Practioner then gently places there hands, non intrusively in a sequence of hand positions which cover the whole body. During this time the body and mind of the recipient are brought to a state of deep relaxation which enables the flow of chi (life force energy) to move freely around the body, thus helping to heal any ailments the person may have.
In simple terms Reiki enables the recipient to heal themselves.


Benefits of Reiki

  • General well-being and relaxation
  • Accelerates the bodies self healing abilities
  • Aids better sleep
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Improves high and low blood pressure
  • Helps with accute injuries and chronic problems such as asthma /eczema /headaches ,etc
  • Helps the body to break addictions and detox from drug therapy and chemotherapy
  • Increases vitality which helps postpone the aging process
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Good for pregnant women to relax before childbirth (safe and beneficial to baby too)


Reiki for Sports

Reiki is an excellent aid for sports injuries. The deep relaxation reached during reiki helps to soothe and loosen the affected area, thus resulting in a quicker recovery rate. Reiki is also an excellent therapy for a sports person to prepare for a high pressure event or occasion. Reiki can also be used to deal with issues of self doubt which may result in lack of form.
Many professional sports people incorporate Reiki into there lifestyles such as Rugby players, football players, golfers etc. Some famous examples are olympic double medalist 'Hayden Roulsten', New York Giants footballer 'Charles Way'.
The worlds most famous dancer 'Michael Flatley' stated, "doctors said I couldn't dance for sixty days but reiki healed me in four". Many other celebrities have regular Reiki treatments to help deal with there often hectic schedules such as 'Davina McCall, 'Nicole Kidman', 'Angelina Jolie' and 'Macey Gray' to name just a few

To make a booking at out Spa Ireland please call us on +353 46 954 0030


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